Dallas County REACT, Inc., is a nonprofit organization of citizens interested in radio communications and committed to public service.

Dallas County REACT originally was a group of community volunteers who routinely monitored Citizen's Band (CB) “emergency” channel 9. This was offered as a free service to motorists who needed directions or to relay requests for emergency assistance.

Over the years CB radio has changed and it is no longer the essential tool for mobile communications that it once was. As a result Dallas County REACT has evolved. Our basic “public service” element is still the same but our responsibility and capabilities have grown to match today’s environment. For more information about who we are today, please read about us.

We are currently seeking applications for membership. If you have a genuine interest in public service, we would like to hear from you. A background in radio communications and an amateur radio license are desired but not necessary.

Thank you for your interest in Dallas County REACT. To learn more about REACT and how it helps people all over the world, please visit the REACT International website. Thanks again for visiting us.

Consider supporting our organization further it's mission with a donation.  It will be most appreciated!